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Posted on 07-22-2016

Here at American Chiropractic Wellness Center, we use a “whole person approach.” For Dr. Michael Lipsky, the head chiropractor at American Chiropractic Wellness Center, this approach means treating not just the specific symptom at hand, but the entire patient as a whole. Dr. Lipsky’s vision is to free people from pain, and help them achieve and maintain their optimum health. Part of the whole person approach is helping patients optimize conditions within the body for optimal function; by encouraging lifestyle adjustments, and making the necessary interventions. The human body is incredibly connected-- every part affecting the other. When all areas of the body are in sync, you’ll have a far greater overall sense of wellbeing and health.

Here’s 5 ways that American Chiropractic Wellness Center can help you to achieve optimum health.

1. Chiropractic Care

The spine is one of the most critical parts of the body, and properly aligning the spine can relieve the symptoms of a number of ailments and diseases, and in some cases even heal patients from those ailments completely. In a recent study performed on children who have asthma, the children were shown to have increased lung capacity after only 15 sessions with a Chiropractor. A quarter million people die each year from asthma, but with the help of spinal adjustments from Chiropractors, asthma patients can actually regain lung capacity, thus decreasing the chances of fatal asthma attacks. Dr. Lipsky is a licensed Chiropractor with years of experience in spinal adjustment. Through making the necessary spinal adjustments, Dr. Lipsky helps patients with ailments from asthma, to high blood pressure, to chronic headaches, and a number of other ailments.

2. Corrective Exercises

Another great way that American Chiropractic Wellness Center cares for the whole patient is through the instruction of corrective exercises for the patients to do at home. Although a lot of what causes chronic pain in the body is due to skeletal misalignment, other muscles and connective tissues can also become displaced. Through special exercises that stretch and utilize specific muscles, the body can actually begin to target negatively affected areas and begin to heal itself. Our goal is to show you the correct exercises that will help you to achieve a higher state of wellbeing.

3. Nutritional Counseling

As stated before, our approach to health care is a whole person approach. Say for example you have chronic headaches. Although much of your pain could be caused by bad posture, and sitting for long periods on end, part of the issue could also be due to a poor diet full of processed and unhealthy food. Dr. Lipsky is well versed in the field of nutrition, and can provide you knowledgeable insight into what supplements and vitamins are most beneficial for your body. He knows how certain vitamins interact with one another, and only gives you the safest and healthiest recommendations, so that your body can return to optimal health.

4. Lifestyle Advice

We want to enable you to live the happiest lifestyle you can, through relieving your pain. One of the ways we achieve this is through giving lifestyle advice to our patients; we coach them on which activities to avoid, so that they don’t aggravate their current health challenge.  We do all this that you can go back to enjoying the activities you love. Part of being healthy is being happy!

5. Spinal and Postural Screenings

Our spinal and postural screenings can provide a wealth of information about your overall health. From these tests, we can certain learn details of why, and where a patient is feeling a particular pain, and work together with them to relieve the issue at hand. We love our community, and even provide services at local community events.

Dr. Lipsky at American Chiropractic Wellness Center is one of the most trusted Chiropractors in the area, servicing patients from all over the local area including: Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Moorpark, Simi Valley and more. If you’re looking to return your body to optimal health, call Dr. Lipsky today at (805) 371-6144.

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