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Posted on 06-17-2016

The alkaline diet plan is a diet that requires participants to consume foods with high alkaline content, and abstain from foods low in alkaline or high in acid. The aim of the diet is to create a natural pH environment within the body, so that it can naturally fight off diseases and other ailments caused by imbalances in the body’s pH levels. Although there have been many studies that question the validity of adopting such a diet, there are many health benefits that can come from consuming alkaline heavy foods. Let’s go over a few of the benefits of maintaining an alkaline rich diet.

1. Experience a Feeling of Increased Mental and Physical Health

Most who adopt an alkaline ash diet report feeling healthier almost immediately. A decrease in the consumption of foods high in acid means not eating foods such as meat, processed grains, dairy, eggs, soda etc. Eating an excess of any of these foods can be unhealthy. Foods like red meat are not only difficult for the body to digest, but they also are high in acid. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that eating less of the foods listed above, can lead to an individual’s increased sense of wellbeing.

2. You Adopt a Healthier, Nutrition Rich Diet

The alkaline ash diet is not only about what you can’t eat, but also about what you can eat. When you eat foods high in alkaline, you will find that your food choices are often natural foods that are unprocessed, and generally healthier options than acidic foods. You will find that your meals satisfy you more, as you begin to eat foods that give you the full nutritional value that your body needs. Alkaline rich foods are often packed with natural vitamins and minerals that the body craves, and needs to function at 100%. Eating whole grains, turnips, spinach, avocados, pumpkin seeds, and other high alkaline foods help your body to function how it was meant to.

3. You May Lose Weight

Because alkaline foods are often natural and healthy, eating them keeps you from eating fast food, or other processed food that is high in sugar and fat, while low in nutritional value. Foods that are full of starchy filler that you often find at fast food restaurants, not only are incredibly fattening, but they won’t satisfy your hunger as well as a rich alkaline heavy meal would. Because of the nutritional content found in many alkaline foods, eating them will leave your body feeling satisfied for longer, and decrease your cravings for fat and sugar.

4. Alkaline Diets Help to Relieve Common Health Issues

There are many body ailments that people face such as constipation, gout, and depression, that maintaining an alkaline diet could fix. Gout for example, is caused by a surplus of uric acid held within the body. When the body breaks down purines (something found in many foods), uric acid is formed, which can lead to a painful swelling of the big toe. This is one of the primary side effects of gout. However, when switching to a high alkaline diet, you drastically reduce the chances of a gout attack by consuming less purine heavy foods. Without the purines, your kidneys can more efficiently process and your chances of contracting another gout attack drop significantly.

While some scientists question the benefits of maintaining an alkaline rich diet, it’s easy to see many of the benefits that come from simply choosing foods that are not processed, and that contain the nutrition that the body needs. Our bodies were not meant to eat processed food, especially every day. However, in our fast paced society, fast food and other foods high in acid are the quick and easy meal choices that we so often make. Try eating a diet full of alkaline rich foods, and abstain from acid rich foods, and see how it increases your health. 

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